Adventure trips Spain

Be inspired by the different activities we suggest:

Whether you want to spice up your usual holiday with a day of fun and adventure or a whole journey full of activities we can help you:  

Spectacular landscapes, nature in its finest splendor, an explosion of life and plenty of water, this and much more of what you find in the wonderful world of the canyon – climbing, Our spec partial trained guides will show you the specific technique for this activity and how To meet the various challenges that nature sets for you. You must swim, jump, climb, dive into the water … .. Furthermore, we include all the material you need to perform this trial (neoprene suit, harness, helmet, ropes, etc.)


During this fun and at the same time exciting activity, team spirit is very important. The whole team must work together to fight against the difficulties and challenges that the river offers in a safe way.



This exciting activity is a unique experience. You can see your chosen destination in other perspectives in from another angle. In from heaven everything looks different and the excitement never ends.


With a mountain bike and our guides, we take you to hidden places in Spain, the places that only nature lovers know. It may be a good conditioned forest roads, which takes us forward in beautiful landscape populated with pine trees, cork trees between flowers and animals. Whether you are an expert or have less experience in this wonderful world of mountain bike, our knowledgeable guides adjust the speed according to your skills so you can get maximum enjoyment out of active lead.



Feel the silence in the air with such a beautiful view. This could be the perfect setting for a special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries or outside the valige event. Do you have a wish to arrange something special this can be your best choice.



Upon arrival at the racetrack becomes a general orientation given before the path is ours. We langer smaller groups that are different layers to make different activities and where every participant has its task on the racetrack or in boxes. The day will be full of speed competitions and excitement; Optional: lunch can be served on the court by a professional catering. After a day it becomes fashionable awards.


With the wind in their hair and feeling the pure nature and sea magic you will experience an exciting sailing experience reading. A overvåkent sight of our helmsman on board, we are instructed in the art of sailing. Where we will even lead to the safe harbor sailboat. Optional; lunch aboard or a wonderful lunch in approaching arrival of the harbor after the trip.


Up in the rocky mountains, along the sandy beach, on a lonely country road, these are just some of the landscapes in beautiful Spain where you can experience a unique ride. Available activities per hour or longer day.



Contact us if you want to organize an activity holiday in Spain or you want more about what we can offer you.



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Find ideas and programs if you  want to spice up a meeting, a conference or during an incentive trip,  with some action.


For a group of friends who are looking for an adrenaline kick or some speed activities.
In Spain you find perfect conditions where you can enjoy several adventure activities in the mountain, in the sky or in the water.

Be inspired by the different activities we suggest:
Whether you want to spice up your usual holiday with a day of fun and adventure or a whole journey full of activities we can help you:


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