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5 good reasons to travel to Huelva province


  • Important historical events
  • Superb and untouched nature
  • Exquisite Gastronomy
  • Spain’s best beaches
  • Great Golf Courses

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Huelva at the Costa de la Luz located on the western side of Andalucia and borders to Portugal.Located at the mouth of the river Odiel, an Andalusian town with an old mining tradition and witness historical events as the discovery of America.


Natural landscape is an important part of this region and is probably best known for the large protected wetlands and marshes “Coto de Doñana” one of Spain’s national parks and Europe’s largest wetlands and represent three different ecosystems amid dunes, marshes, freshwater pine lagoons and flamingos, and other remarkable migratory birds.


In Huelva you also find large parts of Spain’s citrus and strawberry production where the good quality of these fruits are well known throughout Spain. Adds to the wooded hills north of the province’s inland you’ll find exciting nature reserves Aracena and Pico de Aroche mountains.


It is in these mountains where the tasty “Spanish ham” is made in addition to the excellent quality of sausage with his own “Denominacion de Origen.

Throughout the beautiful and sandy Atlantic Ocean coast line you can taste fruits from the sea delights especially fish y shellfish entering fresh to harbour everyday

The historical landmark of this area is the discovery of America. Columbus first voyage to the “New World” sailed from Huelva and much of the crew came from Palos de la Frontera, a local fishing village on the coast while in the Monastery of La Rabida was where most of Colombus’ trips was prepared.


Another important historical event in the Huelva province is the British mining industry in the Rio Tinto area. But you can also find many tracks on the British presence in the city of Huelva and in Punta Umbria not to mention the mining town of Rio Tinto where you can visit the remnants of the British colony.


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