Event planning guide Spain


Event planning guide Spain


Everyone has a desire that their tours to Spain will be memorable and successful. For a company, the boss wants motivated employees. Participants will experience something new and different.

It’s a heavy responsibility for the one in charge of the reservation, that the trip will be successful.

Most often it’s the little details that are vital to a successful trip.

Take a look at some easy and very good advice that will help you as well as us so that we together can make a perfect event for your tours to Spain.

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How to start!



Be flexible! Feel free to have several alternative dates. It can often pay to avoid traveling Thursday / Friday or Sunday. Instead, Saturday to Monday or midweek, and let trip advisor find suitable flights. This applies both as regards capacity and to get a better price.

Try to verify that the exact number as possible! This way, you avoid paying unnecessary amounts of deposits and the risk of having to pay for unused orders are smaller.

Order the restaurant in advance! Food and drink is important. For groups it is often a challenge to find good restaurants with availability on spot. Pre-order restaurants – and everything is ready when you arrive.

Add your activities! Give participants socially refills with enjoyable activities. Tell us how the group is, and we find the activity that suits you best.

Order Assistance on arrival at the airport! There are many large and complex airports. Drivers are not allowed to leave the bus, and to find the bus on your own can be a challenge. By ordering assistance on arrival you leave this problem. The assistace shows the way to the bus and takes care of any delays or unexpected events.

Start planning by useing our event planning guide  for your next event to Spain  with your company or  your friends.


Contact us if you are planning an Event in Spain or you want to know what we can  organize for you.


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